Website creation services

We build professional websites with or without admin panels.

Nowadays, the online presence is very important, both for newly established and existing businesses, but which so far have not benefited from a website or which have an older one and want to change it. FiddWeb team will guide with you from the first draft until the actual launch of the site, or even after launch, if you request support for administration or further developments. Whatever your project is and whatever field you work in, we are a click away. And we are ready to provide you with customized solutions.

What is a responsive website?

The notion of responsiveness gathers all those techniques that allow a website to reposition its content in the browser, depending on the size of the screen on which it is viewed, to provide the visitors with the best possible experience.

As small mobile devices are the most used nowadays for accessing websites, it is almost inconceivable that a new website will not be adaptable on most existing devices on the market.

FiddWeb team builds up on a Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 5 or custom made CSS for each project, which ensures compliance with the latest standards in responsive web design.

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Websites with admin panel

Depending on the complexity of each project, but also on the allocated budget, we build websites on Wordpress or CMS Made Simple.

site web panou administrare

Wordpress is a versatile platform that can be expanded with a large number of features. There is almost no site typology that cannot be developed with this platform. Most common plugins are tested, and the massive community behind this platform regularly contributes to fixing bugs and vulnerabilities.

The main disadvantage of Wordpress sites is that as the complexity of the site and the number of functionalities grow, the site performance and loading speed may decrease. Optimization techniques, although they help in some cases, they cannot guarantee an optimal outcome.

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CMS Made Simple is a simple platform that offers a small number of features, but can be used as a solution for small sites or blogs, which have mainly an informative role. Depending on the design and implementation of the theme, better loading speeds can often be achieved on CMS Made Simple.

So, if your project is a complex one with multiple functionalities, the obvious choice is Wordpress. If loading speed is everything to you and you don't want to launch satellites into orbit, then our recommendation could as well be CMS Made Simple.

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HTML sites without admin panel

Almost nothing can match the speed of a pure HTML website with a custom design, created from scratch and optimized line by line.

There are projects that simply do not require further management by the owner. Or changes are very rare. Situation in which the use of a platform is not justified. In our experience, platforms that allow the proper management of sites can sometimes create problems. They work with databases and not always connecting to them is fast enough to get a good score in Page Speed ​​Insights - a tool that Google takes into account in the ranking process. Moreover, the plugins are made by various developers, which can lead to the accumulation of ballast (code loaded in pages but not used), a situation that also contributes to slowing down the loading speed.

How do you know if you need an HTML or a manageable website? If the information displayed on your site changes frequently, such as price list, team members, constantly adding presentations of new services and products, an HTML website may not be the best approach for you. On the other hand, if you know that your site is like an online business card, like a brochure for you and your company, and the information does not change over time or changes very rarely, then you might look into an HTML only approach. You will be happy with the choice you made, when you'll see how fast it loads and the scores it gets.

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Why choose to work with FiddWeb

  • We analyze carefully your requirements and always propose the technical solutions that we deem the most appropriate;
  • We only use up-to-date platforms and plugins, from secure sources or in-house, made by our team.
  • We provide a backup copy of the site as it is on launch day + documentation.
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  • We provide detailed training to a customer representative for the administration of the website.
  • We also provide other services on request, internally or through reliable collaborators (web hosting, domain acquisition, copywriting, video editing, etc.)
  • We offer technical assistance on request and maintenance of the site for the entire life of the site, based on hourly/monthly rates.


Whatever your web project is, write us a few words about it. Or maybe you just want to tell us that you noticed how fluid our site is. We are here to give you all the answers you need, so you can make an informed decision.

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