AMP landing pages

We build web pages on AMP technology, for PPC campaigns, with instant loading.

AMP started out as an independent project, but soon became supported by Google. AMP comes with a fast loading speed approach and makes this possible by replacing some standard HTML tags with specific ones, along with a very restrictive set of rules.

Beyond the technical specifications, it is known that many visitors do not have the patience to wait for a slow page to load. And this can make the difference between a conversion and a lost customer. The situation is even more unpleasant when it comes to PPC campaigns, where every click counts.

FiddWeb proposal: Use AMP landing pages for your campaigns and you won't ever lose a conversion again, for speed reasons!

AMP + responsiveness?

AMP technology has been specially designed to be able to load pages faster on mobile devices. One of the big challenges is the restriction on the amount of CSS that can be used on one page to validate as AMP.

Bootstrap goes far beyond these limits, but also provides valuable resources for developers, plus probably the best grid currently available on the open source area.

FiddWeb uses a modified version of Bootstrap, adapted by our team to continue to offer the main advantages, while respecting the conditions and rules imposed by AMP. We manage to deliver AMP pages with very good results, which load impeccably on devices of all sizes, without the need to serve duplicate pages depending on the device.

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Why opt for AMP pages

  • Pages that load faster can lead to more conversions. Visitors no longer lose patience and are no longer tempted to close the page and move on;
  • Improved user experience. The AMP pages made by FiddWeb are very fluid and behave flawlessly on any device;
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  • Improved perception of the brand and its own products / services. Visitors will appreciate the effort made to load the pages quickly and will be more inclined to tell others about it;
  • Pages that load quickly, have low bounce rates and convert, get a better overall score in campaigns.


Whatever your web project is, write us a few words about it. Or maybe you just want to tell us that you noticed how fluid our site is. We are here to give you all the answers you need, so you can make an informed decision.

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