Web application development

We build custom web applications for your business.

If you need a customized CRM, built on the specifics of your business, a billing application, timesheet or any other type of application that can offer you valuable support in your business management, our team can offer solutions. We use technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript for the interface and PHP with MySQL for the backend part. We carefully study the requirements so that the design of the databases and the code that will manage access to information is secure, functional and extensible.

We know that there are many options on the market, from free CRMs that sometimes require expensive adaptations, to services with monthly paid subscriptions but with limited functionality depending on the package you buy.

The Fiddweb team aims to give you the chance to stop your dependency on all this. To have your own tools that do what you want, when you want, helping you in the long run to save time and money.

Responsive applications?

Obvious! How else?

So that you and your team can access them and benefit from the information that matters at the office, on your daily commute, on your way to a customer, or even at his headquarters once you arrive.

We use Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 or our own CSS code, which ensures compliance with the latest standards in responsive web design. Depending on the budget and requests, you can also opt for AMP HTML instead of the classic HTML, for extra speed and fluidity.

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Hybrid, web-native applications

Native applications are those applications that have been designed for a particular operating system and can only be installed on devices running that operating system. For example, native applications for Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, etc.

The development of these applications generally requires very large budgets. Then there is the inevitable need to operate on different devices, in which case different applications must be built for each type of device. The update is challenging and the actual applications needs to be modified.

FiddWeb comes you with a different approach: web-native applications.

In a few words, minimalist native applications that are built for each operating system you want to implement, applications that have only one task: to open a browser like window and run a web application in it. The same web application, delivered from the same source, with the same information, on different devices.

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Advantages of web-native applications

  • The information is delivered to a large number of devices, regardless of the operating system running on them. On devices where a native window cannot be used, you can allways use a classic browser to open it.
  • All changes / updates are made in one place and manifest on all devices, without the need for separate updates on them.
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  • Development and maintenance costs are generally lower than full native Android or iOS applications for example.
  • The technologies used are widely known. Most likely, any decent web developer will be able to make further changes.


Whatever your web project is, write us a few words about it. Or maybe you just want to tell us that you noticed how fluid our site is. We are here to give you all the answers you need, so you can make an informed decision.

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